tips from various cartoonists for those interested in sending and offering their work to publishers of magazines, newspapers and newsletters. informative cartooning tips offered by top cartoonists
The consortium has been in touch with some
 cartoonists who'd like to contribute their
 thoughts and ideas on how they assemble
 cartoon submissions for market or how
 they submit work to magazines and other
 publishers. These are the techniques they
 have applied in their business regimen &
 are simply their marketing acumen that
 works best for them.
 It is intended for those developing an
 interest in this fascinating freelance field
 where the contributors share basic know-
 ledge they've acquired along the way. In
 no way is this a cartooning course or lesson
 on being a cartoonist. The consortium will
 suggest courses on those contributor's
 respective pages.

Jack Corbett Dan Rosandich